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    Linear Actuators

    We carry the largest inventory of Linear Actuators. Designed by our In-house team of Engineers for Every Application.

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    Bullet Series Mini Actuators

    Our mini series actuators are great for applications where space is limited.

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    TV Lifts

    Our TV lifts are smooth, quiet and will enhance any entertainment room in your home.

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About Us

Firgelli Automations was founded in 2002 by Robbie Dickson who invented the first Linear Actuators that were light, compact and durable enough to be sold and shipped online to the general public.

The brand is now recognized word-wide as a leading manufacturer of Linear Actuators, TV Lifts and many other products to support a wide range of industries and applications. We have a large inventory of Actuators for every purpose and we continue to develop and design new models to add to our catalogue. Our team consists of Engineers and Customer/Tech Support staff dedicated to providing the best products and knowledge to our customers. We enjoy listening to customer feedback and are always excited to discovered what our customers are doing with our actuators.

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Our Inudstries

Our products have been used in every application you can imagine from home automation to space exploration.

Home automation has increased in popularity over the past few years with new smart home products and software emerging for many applications. The barrier for entry to your utopian home or any “smart” application is the high cost as these solutions, though convenient, are quite expensive for the average consumer. With our range of actuators, accessories and world-class tech support, you’ll be able to experience the benefits of automation at the fraction of the cost. Whether you need to save space by lifting a TV in and out of view or save lives by lifting heavy, bullet proof windows on your armored vehicles, Firgelli Automations has the best products for your project.

Our Actuators


Because of the broad-range of applications, we also provide additional products and support to help you complete your project.

Our inventory includes everything needed to integrate our actuators into your real-world projects. We carry a large assortment of custom mounting brackets and slide rails to install our actuators to just about any surface. We also carry power supplies, Arduino microcontrollers, motors and switches so you can get started immediately on getting your project in motion.


Customer Support

Our knowledgeable support team are highly trained in our products with many years of experience helping customers find the right actuators for their projects.

We’re committed to customer satisfaction with a readiness to answer your questions whether you’re a seasoned engineer or an entry-level hobbyist. Give us a call or email us your questions and we can begin helping you get your project in motion.

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I have been very pleased with the mechanical action of the actuators. They seem to have little or no backlash, which seems to be attributable to their plastic worm gear on metal worm, plastic nut on the screw, and good overall design and construction. We've been able to reliably run them at very low voltages (~2V) and still get good, smooth motion.

Scott NASA Research Center

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