Deluxe Rod Actuators

      Deluxe Rod Actuators

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      These Actuators have a worm gear drive mechanism which reduces friction thus offering better duty cycle and life span and are great home automation projects where low noise is a requirement. At 3” per second with 100lbs of force, these actuators are great for projects that require fast movement for heavier loads.

      **Due to the drive gearing method, this actuator will back drive under higher loads with no power applied to the actuator. Using a gas spring of the correct rating will alleviate the back drive. Another option is using an SPDT relay to work as a back-EMF brake. See this tutorial for more information.

      Model FA-HF-100-12-XX
      Dynamic Force 100 lb.
      Static Force 180 lb.
      Speed ("/S) No Load 3"per sec, 2.5" at no load
      Duty Cycle 20% 5 mins max. continuous use
      IP Rating 66
      Screw Type Worm Gear
      Input 12v DC
      Draw at Full Load 10 Amps
      Feedback None
      Synchronous Capability None, 5-10% variation in speed
      Operational Temperature -26°C/65°C (-15°F/150°)
      Limit Switch Built-in, non-adjustable
      Safety Certifications CE, ROHS
      Bracket(s) MB3 or MB3U Brackets
      Cable Length 1.5 Feet

      Stroke Retracted Length Extended Length Weight
      3" 10.88" 13.88" 5.0 lbs
      6" 13.88" 19.88" 5.5 lbs
      9" 16.88" 25.88" 5.9 lbs
      12" 19.88" 31.88" 6.3 lbs
      15" 22.88" 37.88" 6.5 lbs
      18" 25.88" 43.88" 7.25 lbs
      24" 31.88" 55.88" 8.1 lbs
      30" 37.88" 67.88" 9.0 lbs
      32" 39.88" 71.88" 9.3 lbs
      36"  43.88" 79.88" 9.9 lbs

      Use MB3 or MB3U brackets for these actuators.

      Technical Drawings

      Looking for a 3D model of this actuator? Email, we will be happy to email it to you

      Deluxe Rod IP66 Tech Drawing jpg
      Performance Graph

      Deluxe Rod Performance Graph jpg

      Brake with SPDT Relay Diagram

      Product Video
      Comparison Video