TVL-180 Pop-Up TV Lift Mechanism

      TVL-180 Pop-Up TV Lift Mechanism

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      Spec Sheet
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      Our Pop up TV Lifts are suitable for home automation projects where you would like to keep your TV hidden out of sight, either in a cabinet, or wall, or behind something. These are very easy to install and include everything you need to attach your TV.

      The FIRGELLI Pop-Up TV lift mechanism can be found in homes, yachts, RV’s, kitchens, patio’s, stages, home theaters, and more all across the globe.

      The desire of our engineering department was to create something that would be quiet enough not to be heard and could fit in the tightest of places for the ease of installation and operation. Due to this meticulous attention to detail, the FIRGELLI Pop-Up TV lift typically takes fifteen minutes to install and will operate at a whisper of 5 decibels above ambient sound levels.  More technically inclined clients of ours enjoy building enclosures and works of art which incorporate the lift to showcase their televisions. Our most loyal clients can be found posting their creations in many online videos as well as on blogs or how-to’s.

      At FIRGELLI, we are well aware that not everyone has practiced their skills in carpentry, or electrical engineering. For this very reason, we ensure that our products, especially our lifts, are user-friendly and are as simple in operation/installation as possible. Easy-to-follow instruction manuals are included with all of our lifts, and provide all the information that you require from unboxing to installation, and we include all the dimensions required to design custom-fit enclosures.

      *All of our TV lift apparatus’ come backed by our 12 month comprehensive warranty. 

      Model FA-TVL-180-25 FA-TVL-180-30 FA-TVL-180-36 FA-TVL-180-40
      Stroke 648mm  736mm 889mm 990mm 
      Retracted Length 558mm 647mm 751mm 810mm
      Extended Length 1206mm 1383mm 1640mm 1800mm
      TV Sizes 20” – 60”
      Input Voltage 230 VAC
      Force 130 lbs.
      Lifting Speed 22mm / second (with load)
      Duty Cycle 10%, max 2 min. continuous use
      Operating Temperature +5° C - +40° C
      Overload Protection Built-In
      Material Powder Coated Steel
      Additional Feature Adjustable Height

      Features and Benefits
      • 130 lbs. Total lift capacity
      • Comes with wireless RF and wired remotes - No excuse for loosing a remote now. 
      • Internal limit switches automatically shuts off the unit at the end of stroke - This protects you and your equipment from possible damage.
      • Programmable memory - Allows you to control exactly where you want the TV to stop every time, automatically.  
      • Lifts any TV Size from 20 inch to 60 inch 
      • Stroke travels 25inch, 30 inch, 36 inch or 39 inch  - You select the size based on your TV size, or however far you want the TV to pop-up into view. 
      • Cabinet Lid mounting Plate included - mount the top of the cabinet or Drywall plate to this bracket to make the TV invisible. 
      • For flip up cabinet lid style use the included Roller top fixture. This is where the lid of the cabinet is Hinged at the back of the Cabinet and the Roller top fixture simply rolls the lid up and back. 
      • Can be used upside down to drop a TV lift from the ceiling
      • CE and RoHS certified - for extra comfort knowing they are certified for safe use.   
      • No exposed chains tracks gears or Scissors - Watch the product video you cannot even see the mechanism when installed. 
      • Extra quiet, uses a worm gear drive system commonly known as the quieting system in the Industry - Runs at only 5-dB above Ambient
      • No Professional Installation required - No need to hire an expert, if you're capable of installing a TV Wall bracket then you are qualified to install these TV Lifts.
      • Easy to connect to any Home Automation system like Control-4. Follow this step by step guide to connect them "How to connect a TV Lift to a Home Automation system"

      To Download the Instructions manual click here

      Technical Drawings

      Trouble Shooting
      • When the unit stops and if the red light on the control box flashes, it indicates overload or “time protection”.
      • The lift cannot be operated up/down continuously for more than 2 minus, if it is, then it goes into “time protection” mode and needs a reset or a 20 mins wait time.
      • The red and black buttons on the control box are only for setting the limits of the lift travel: black-lower, red –upper. Once set you don’t touch them unless you press “reset” on the wired manual control switch.
      • To set the limits: Press the red button on the control box and the UP button on the handset simultaneously for 10 seconds. Release both the buttons when it reaches the height you want it to be max height. Similarly for the black button: this sets the lower limit.
      • Wireless remote pairing: Press the STUDY button on the hand wired control and any button on the wireless remote. The led on the hand wired will flash and go off, release both. The remote should now work. Two buttons must be pressed together to make the Lift move. You must press both COM and either UP or Down on the wireless remote.