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How do you Control an Actuator?

To Control any Actuator or motor you are going to need some sort of switch or controller. There are 2 basic types of switches you can use for an Actuator or motor, and that's either a Sustaining or Momentary type switch. All our switches or joysticks or one or the other type of switch.  Momentary means that the switch automatically springs back to the middle (off) position when you let go of the switch, and Sustaining means that the button will stay in position when you press the switch.

Difference between Momentary and Sustaining switch

  1. Momentary means it springs back to center when you release the button. This means the Actuator or motor stops running
  2. Sustaining means it stays in position when you release the button. This means the Actuator or motor will keep running even though your finger is no longer on the switch. In this situation the Internal limit switch of the Linear Actuator will stop the Actuator running when it gets to the end of the stroke. 

We have everything you need to power and control your Motors or Actuators. These switches can carry AC or DC power for multiple Actuators or Motors that run up to 30A.  For those with a little more control requirements like a trigger signal from something else you can use Relays instead.  For even more sophisticated Actuator control requirements you can use an Arduino control boards which is a form of microcontroller. 

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