Drop Down TV Lift

Drop Down TV Lift

Firgelli Automations

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Our Drop Down TV Lifts are ideal for home automation projects where you want to hide your TV out of sight and still be able to watch at the push of a button

The Drop Down lift was designed, developed and tested.Our engineering team, focusing on the Firgelli core values of ease of operation, quality, and simplicity, managed to create a product which could lower small to obscenely large televisions from a ceiling in an elegant manner.

Installation of such a mechanism would typically take hours of contemplation followed by drafting a complex design to incorporate the lift into a tight ceiling, however we challenged our team of experts to come up with a simpler way of doing this. The result is the Drop-Down lift offered today, which is slim enough in construction that it easily fits in tight attics and places where no other lifts can slip into.

Keeping comfort in mind, the lift can be used at any time of day, via remote control, no matter its application due to its low noise rating of just 5 decibels over ambient noise levels.

Echoing Firgelli Automations’ core values, all lift sizes that can be used to attach a piece of ceiling so that when the television is up and not in use, a person would walk by completely unaware that there was a television and lift unit right above their heads.

Knowing that not all of our clients would be practiced in the trades, or in engineering, we ensured that all of our lift products come with easy to read and follow instruction manuals. Covered in the manuals is everything from un-boxing your new Drop-Down unit, to installation and operation.


Model  FA-TVL-180-25 FA-TVL-180-40
Stroke 650mm 1000mm
Retracted Length 570mm 810mm
Extended Length 1220mm 1810mm
TV Sizes 25" - 60"
Voltage 230V
Control RF Remote 
Force 135lbf
Speed 0.87" per second loaded
Duty Cycle 10%, max 2 min. continuous use
Operating Temperature
+5°C - +40°C
Overload Protection Built-In
Material Powder Coated Steel
Additional Feature Adjustable Height

To download the instruction manual for the FA-TVL-180 TV Lift, please click here

Drop Down Lift Tech Drawing

TV Lift Tech Drawing



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