Optical Feedback Linear Actuators

      Optical Feedback Linear Actuators

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      When you need to know the exact positioning of your actuators, the Optical Feedback series is what you need. This powerful, reliable actuator comes with a built-in optical sensor that provides feedback when you need it.  The Optical Feedback has no built-in controller but does provide single-phase pulses as a position feedback signal that can be input to an external controller such as an Arduino

      To move between two and four actuators in synchronous we recommend our dedicated control board, the FA-SYNC-X. A video tutorial on how to use this product is available here

      CAD models of this actuator can be found under Resources/3D Files

      Features and Benefits

      • 10 hole optical encoder disk for the 200lbs and 400lbs units
      • 4 slotted optical encoder disk for the 35lbs units
      • 20 pulse/inch of stroke for the 35lbs (+/-5 pulses)
      • 100 pulses. inch of stoke for the 200lbs and 400lbs units
      • Internal limit switches automatically shut off the unit at the end of the stroke - This protects you and your equipment from possible damage.
      • 3 Force options - 35lbs 200lbs and 400lbs for greater flexibility
      • Maintenance-free - Gives you more free time to do more important things
      • Accessories sold separately


      • Fits with the MB1-P bracket 

      • Fits with FA-OS-IMD3 Base mounting Bracket to convert to Column Lift style Actuator
      Model FA-OS-35-12-(X) FA-OS-240-12-(X) FA-OS-400-12-(X)
      Dynamic Force 35 lbs 200 lbs 400 lb
      Static Force 200 lbs 500 lbs 800 lbs
      Speed ("/S) 2.0" .30" .30"
      Gear Ratio 5:1 20:1 19:1
      Feedback Optical Sensor
      Feedback Voltage 5V
      Synchronous Capability Yes, the 200 lb. & 400lb., with our Sync Control Board or a Microcontroller
      Duty Cycle 20%  
      IP Rating IP61
      Screw Type ACME
      Sound Rating 20 dB over Ambient
      Input 12v DC
      Max Draw 5 A 
      Clevis End 1/4" diameter
      Operational Temperature -26°C/65°C (-15°F/150°)
      Limit Switch Built-in (factory preset)
      Safety Certifications CE
      Wire Length 2.5 feet
      Wire Gauge Motor wires 18. Sensor wires 20
      Bracket(s)  MB1-P & FA-OS-IMD3

      Technical Drawings
      Optical Feedback 35lb Technical Drawing Optical Feedback 200lb Technical Drawing Optical Sensor Technical Drawing 400 lb Force
      Wiring Diagram
      Optical Sensor Wiring
      Performance Graph

      Optical Feedback Linear Actuators fprce curve graphs

      Product Video

      Optical Feedback Linear Actuator Review

      Comparison Video

      Optical vs Classic Feedback Linear Actuator Review

      Conversion to Column Actuator video

      3D Model Downloads (.STEP)

      35lb and 240lb Force

      400lb Force