Speed Controller for Linear Actuators

      Speed Controller for Linear Actuators

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      The Firgelli Automations Speed Controller allows you to control the speed of our 12V DC actuators up to a maximum current rating of 6A and all our gear motor products. Designed using a motor controller and high frequency Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) you are able to control the speed of your Actuator/Motor with minimal impact on the force output.

      • You can reduce the speed to just under 50% with little loss of force. Force loss is determined by inertia of the actuator and could be more with higher force actuators.
      • It will allow you to slow the actuator down, but not increase the speed beyond the speed at which it runs with no controller.
      • The FA-SC1 is intended to control the speed of one linear actuator. DO NOT connect two actuators to the same FA-SC1.
      • The maximum current capability of the unit is 10A; even two small actuators connected together to the Speed Controller could draw a startup surge current exceeding 10A which will damage the unit. 
      • Includes black case
      Model # FA-SC1
      Output Current 0 to 10A
      Input Voltage 12-16V DC
      No Load Output Current <50mA
      Output Voltage 12V
      PWM Signal 10KHz
      Dimensions L: 3.3” x W: 2.88” H: x 1.18”
      Speed Range 33% to 100%
      Operating Temp. -40° C to +40° C

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      Wiring Diagram