Speed Controller for Linear Actuators

Speed Controller for Linear Actuators



*  The Firgelli Automations Speed Controller allows you to control the speed of our 12V DC actuators up to a maximum current rating of 6A and all our gear motor products.

Designed using a motor controller and high frequency Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) you are able to control the speed of your Actuator/Motor with minimal impact on the force output. 

You can reduce the speed to just under 50% with little loss of force. Force loss is determined by inertia of the actuator and could be more with higher force actuators.

It will allow you to slow the actuator down, but not increase the speed beyond the speed at which it runs with no controller.

The FA-SC1 is intended to control the speed of one linear actuator. DO NOT connect two actuators to the same FA-SC1.

The maximum current capability of the unit is 10A; even two small actuators connected together to the Speed Controller could draw a startup surge current exceeding 10A which will damage the unit.

Please note if you adjust the speed it will also change the speed when you reverse the actuator. If you want to change the speed in both directions then you need to use the FA-SC2 

Includes black case

Model #


Output Current

0 to 10A

Input Voltage

12-16V DC

No Load Output Current


Output Voltage


PWM Signal



L: 3.3” x W: 2.88” H: x 1.18”

Speed Range

33% to 100%

Operating Temp.

-40° C to +40° C

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