Synchronous Control Board for Feedback Actuators

      Synchronous Control Board for Feedback Actuators

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      The Firgelli Automation Synchronous Control Board allows you to move multiple Feedback actuators in step with the same speed irrespective of load. Unsynchronized actuators can lead to bending loads which is likely to be disastrous for both the load and the actuator. 

      The FA-SYNC-2 will allow you to move two actuators in sync and the FA-SYNC-4 will allow movement of four actuators. Operate with our Optical Feedback (not the 35lb model), Bullet 36, or Bullet 50 actuators ( not 500lb.) Compatible with both 12V and 24V).

      The SYNC boards will store one memory location. They do not have programmable limit adjustments.

      Common applications include, but not limited to: wine cellar trapdoors, RV roof lifts, tonneau covers, and table lifts.

      Video tutorial of how to use the synchronous controller

      This board only works with a select few actuators with built-in feedback sensors. Actuators must be of the same type, stroke length, and force. Using different actuators will not work.


      Mainboard power supply: 12-24V / 3A

      Current Draw: 10A Maximum

      The mainboard power supply is designed for control only, it does not supply the power to the actuator directly.

      You need to ensure your power supply meets the voltage and current demands of the actuator model.

      Compatible actuators: Bullet 36 Cal, Bullet 50 Cal, Optical Series 200 lb., and Optical Series 400 lb. The control board works with both 12V and 24V Bullet actuators.

      Not compatible: Optical Series 35 lb. and Bullet 50 Cal. 500 lb. and all other NON-feedback types of actuators.

      • FA-SYNC-2  3.95" X 4.07" X 1.15"  weighs 160g
      • FA-SYNC-4  5.25" X 3.3" X 1.3"  weighs 240g

      *Dimensions are only approximate as the boxes have a curved body


      If power is lost to the controller at any time, it is important that the Actuators be disconnected from your application BEFORE running the calibration sequence again.  Every time power is lost to the controller the Calibration sequence must be run again.

      wiring diagrams